Zandile is going to university!

Zandile, the oldest student we’ve been working with in South Africa, was just accepted this week with a full financial aid package into the Analytical Engineering program at a Tschwane University of Technology in Praetoria, South Africa!  Orphaned approximately 5 years ago, Zandile is one of five children in her family, yet this girl is not a quitter in any sense of the word. In spite of living in the dangerous surroundings of village life, having the responsibilities of caring for her siblings, and long travel time to get to school each day, she graduated from secondary school in December with great grades and started university classes in January!!  In order to accomplish this goal, she regularly spent the night hours (1AM- 5AM) studying and doing her assignments because it was the only quiet time she had to be able to concentrate on her work. We are very thankful for those that have contributed to her success. Zandile hopes one day to not only break her family out of the vicious cycle of poverty, but also to help tackle the tremendous medical needs in her village.  Zandile is the hope of her family and her community!  This is a great success story and exactly what The Hope of Africa is all about!!

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