Youth Development….

Youth development involves many dimensions of healthy lifestyle, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Hope of Africa networks and partners with local Africans who are empowering young people to step out, to serve others and realize their hopes, talents and dreams. For several years prior to becoming our own official non-profit organization, we traveled to Africa to concentrate on various activities that would address the multi-faceted components of people-centered development. During the summer times, we have been conducting leadership camps which build the youths’ team building skills as well as challenge them to do things they didn’t know they could do. These activities require courage, encouragement from others, and facing inside fears. Students receive individual counsel from qualified team leaders and mentors that talk with students about specific challenges they face in order to achieve their dreams. Spiritual counsel and guidance is also given to help the youth know their God-given identity and purposes. Small group mentoring continues to be done by generous volunteers on the ground willing to meet with students. Additionally, we have partnered with several individuals in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa that have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of the youth around them.

Here are specific ways you can get involved (click on the links below for more information):

1) Leadership Camps for Teens and VBS Camps for Children

2) Relief & Development Teams

3) Do you have a heart for young people or a skill set that you would like to pass on?  Volunteer to help lead a Leadership/VBS Camp or to participate in a Relief & Development Team!