We made it to South Africa!!

Jonas and I arrived in South Africa yesterday and spent about 5 hours in a shuttle van/rental car getting from the airport to the town where we’re staying.  I was very blessed to be able to run into our three senior girls yesterday as they were heading home from school (you can checkout our website at http://hopeofafricayouth.com/university/ to see more on these three girls and their hope to attend university next year).  It was a very joyous reunion for sure!!  Very exhausted, we quickly fell asleep in the wonderful guesthouse we’re staying in (hhushahhusha.co.za).  Jonas wants to go for a run this morning (ugh), so I will surprisingly be pulling on running shoes for the first time in several years…we’ll see what happens 🙂  At least I’m at sea level here!!

Today we head to the school where we’re going to set up the computer lab.  We need to arrange with the lead teacher for where they’re going to be set up, what core students we’re going to teach, etc.  Things move at a different pace here in Africa…prior planning is often futile as decisions are often made here as they come up, not in advance.  Always a struggle for my type-A planner’s mind 🙂  Please pray that I will be culturally sensitive and follow the lead of the locals who are helping us.  Will try to take some good pictures today and upload more tonight or tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Much love,

Amy (and Jonas)

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