VOLUNteer with us

We at The Hope of Africa are passionate about reaching young people and giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty, but it takes more than just us. We need people with construction skills to help with various construction projects. We need teachers to help conduct workshops with rural African teachers. We need people who are passionate about mentoring young people to help us run leadership retreats.

Would you consider giving your time and yourself, to bettering the life of a vulnerable youth?

The Hope of Africa is all about connecting people and small groups in the states with grassroots organizations in Africa that are working to make a difference in the lives of African youth. One of the best ways to discover a passion for young Africans is by coming with us on a life-changing trip. 

Whether it’s a medical/dental mission, a youth camp trip, or a relief and development trip, you will leave your heart behind in Africa and you won’t be the same once returning home.

Upcoming Short-Term Trips

Check back soon for updates…

Please fill out ALL FORMS and mail them TOGETHER to:

The Hope of Africa

PO Box 3932
Bozeman, MT 59772

Or EMAIL them to:


Kit List (an idea of what you’ll need to bring with you)

The land is calling.
The cold winters and blazing summers cry out for relief.
The trees bow their heads.
But the people,
Those blessed people,
Lift their heads high.
Undeterred and unrelenting.
Where the rich are empty and the empty are rich.
The world.
A polite bystander.
Inhumane in its humanity to self-preserve.
A young man.
Grown in body, not yet grown in faith.
Steps, quietly, into another world.
Excited and curious.
How does the world work?
The glorious are cursed with belongings,
And the righteous are blessed with an austere life.
The young man found a second home in Africa.
She welcomed him with love,
And taught him how to live.
The young man found a second family in Africa.
They became bound, 
A fellowship born of love.
Together they planted a seed.
And it grew.
And as it grew, they grew along with it.
The young man gave them service,
And they gave him rest.
He taught them how to learn new things,
And they taught him how to live and love.
He showed them a way out of poverty,
And they showed him a way to into faith.
And he was happy.
The young man gave one month to Africa,
And Africa gave him his life.
The boy took from the tree,
And the tree gave happily.
Only those in the throes in poverty,
Look at what they have and say:
I am loved.
Despite their weary homes and tired roads,
Despite their hardened hands and weathered hearts,
Despite their needy families and wanting pantries,
Despite their grief and despite their pain,
They were faithful,
And they were happy.
This gave the young man  hope.
He came to change Africa and do his deed,
But Africa sent him home changed,
A flowering seed.
As he returned,
He soon did find,
That he was new in soul,
And heart and mind.
Revitalized to live to love,
A life for Jesus,
More than enough.

17-year-old student