Village Visit

Heather and I spent the night in one of the villages last night visiting with our friend Agreeneth (with Heather in the first picture).  We had a great time with her family. African families are very communal and several generations often live together.  In this house was Agreeneth, her sister, their Mom, their grandmother and several nieces and nephews.  There’s a picture below of Heather with the Gogo (grandmother).  We got to practice our Siswati (the local tribal language in this area) by trying to communicate with the 4-year old niece 🙂 . Third picture is of Agreeneth’s nephew pushing the niece down the street in a wheelbarrow.  Then they tried to push me in the wheelbarrow.  Suprisingly, this skinny little kid actually lifted it off the ground and moved it forward!!!  After we gave the kids some balloons, I got a good picture of Heather making a “Bixby face” (everyone on my Mom’s side of the family will get that one…) I am gonna pay BIG TIME for posting this picture.  Last picture is of Andile (the nephew) trying to make the same face as Heather.  All in all we had sweet fellowship with an awesome African family.


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