VBS Camps!!

We had a week of very successful VBS camps last week in Buffelspruit, a village in South Africa.  We ran 3 days of camps for the young kids and 1 day for the teenagers.  We were told to expect approximately 60 kids on the first day, but we had over 150 show up!  Including some kids as young as 2 years old!!  Craziness!!  It was an amazing experience for sure.  We had a bunch of Heather’s choir kids come lead the camps with our American teenagers and it was life-changing for both the Africans and the Americans.  Kim did an exceptional job teaching, with Uncle Johan translating–the kids really loved the skits!  We had stations for song, dance,  crafts, Bible stories and sports/games and they got a snack and a good lunch made of cooked corn meal (Pap–pronounced “pop”) and stew.  We had 3 African mamas cooking for us…they started cooking at 8:30 each day!!  Amy learned the importance of greeting the mamas before getting busy with work when she forgot and one of the mamas really let her have it 🙂 (“mama” is how you respectfully refer to an older African woman).

Now we’re busy getting the house that we’re going to move into ready so that we can have lots of students stay over with us for tutoring, discipleship and plain old family time.

Please pray for health of the team.  Nearly all 5 Americans have been battling respiratory issues and stomach issues.

With thankful hearts,

Kim, Amy, Taylor, Kacie & Abby

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  1. Great joy is seen in these pictures! 😀 May the Lord continue to protect, correct, direct, and bless you all. Love in Christ! Stephanie

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