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Hello world followers! It’s been a while since we have blogged to you, but it sure has been a busy week. We have so far done three VBS camps, one being a mini camp session and the other two being full days. Although busy and tiring, they have all been so rewarding. Our team has been in the villages, helping bring joy and hope. We have had the opportunity to serve others while praising our Father in Heaven. It’s been a joy to play with the children. I feel as though we came here, so eager to teach them, when really we had no idea just how much they would teach us. 

Unity is a term that we have learned a deeper meaning to. These children come from homes that may or may not have parents, may or may not have food, and may or may not feel the warmth of someones love. We have been so blessed to be sent here to nurture them. We are learning that we may not be able to help each and every child, but to love them is so much more rich, especially to them. They appreciate a smile, a hug, the simplicity. 

We spent three days in Mangweni, learning new songs and new games. It’s crazy just how in three days, you can become so attached to someone you just met. Once we left Mangweni, we had a back to back camp at Buffelspruit. Both villages not being very far a part, but still noticing differences in the scenery. Buffelspruit was a great camp as well. The children were energetic. The camp was smaller, we had around 130 students where as we were creeping up on 300 at Mangweni. The Lord knows what we can handle and what we can offer, so we accept what he blesses us with. We have high hopes that our words and warmth has given these children hope. We are thankful to you all for your prayers and encouragement. Our team is doing great! We have had some time to recover today and get rested up for our camp starting Monday until Wednesday. We are eager to get back in there and fill up South Africa with love and Jesus. 

How cool is it that we come from Colorado, but these children know the same King we do. We praise you Father for your precious name. Thank you for spreading it from the ends of the world. Amen! 


Best wishes from South Africa and more to come! 

The Hope of Africa Team 

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  1. We praise Jesus with you, Heather! How we wish we could be there and learn from these precious kids as well. I am so grateful that prayers transcend distance, and that we can somehow be part of His Kingdom there, as He directs and empowers you to love. Jesus, praise You for Your great love. Pour it on Jesus! And send your angels to protect each child and staff worker!!!!

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