Vanessa Vuma – Practical Work Experience

Vanessa Vuma is one of our students who has completed 18 months of college studying Human Resources and is now in an 18 month experiential learning/internship with the Mpumalanga Provincial Government in the Department of Agriculture.  The Provincial government is kind of like a State government.  When she completes this 18-month practical work experience she will be awarded her 3-year diploma in Human Resource Management.

Vanessa 2

She has learned many things about working in Human Resources, such as using different computer programs, coordinating all aspects of business trips, and being a part of employee evaluation.  She completed a course on and was awarded a certificate in Personnel and Payroll.  She is currently acting as the secretary for the HR manager.  The program has given her a well rounded experience in other areas as well.  Every day is started with devotions to remind everyone they are ultimately working for the Lord.  The department has also taken the interns on a few outings.  They have done team building exercises; they observed a court case on a college campus to learn about a student’s misuse of government money; she has participated in community outreach at an orphanage, delivering food, as well as cooking and cleaning; and she attended a conference on womanhood and it’s importance.  Every Friday the team goes to the local stadium to learn and participate in different sports and aerobics.  Through this practical experience she is learning many different aspects of human resources and how she can care well for an organization’s employees (from hiring/firing to payroll to benefits to health & welfare to morale programs).

She is enjoying her experience and learning many new skills.  This experiential learning will greatly increase her chances for getting hired by the government, getting a paid internship next year, or getting hired by another company.

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