University visits!!!

We got the chance the other day to take Zandile (a 12-grader and the oldest student of the group of orphans that we’re working with over here) to visit a University about an hour away.  Zandile (pronounced Zan-dee-lay) has good marks and works hard and has aspirations of working in the medical field.  The university application process is quite cumbersome and they don’t have guidance counselors in the local high schools like we do in the states, so taking her on a visit to a university and helping her gather applications and information literally made the difference between her being able to apply for university or not.  Both of Zandile’s parents are deceased and she lives at home with her two younger brothers and her 20-year old sister (who is unable to find work).  They live in a 1-bedroom house with no running water, no plumbing and only one light.  Zandile goes to bed at 9pm every night so she can wake up at 11pm and study until 3am while the house is quiet.  She then goes to bed for one hour,  waking up again at 4am so she can catch the bus for a 2-hour ride to school.  Helping Zandile to get a good education will change the future for her entire family.  This is why we’re here.

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  1. amazing!!! So glad you two have the opportunity to be there and do this! Something we all wish we could do! Glad you are representing:)

  2. Amy & Heather, Thanx for sharing both text & photos. We are pleased and proud of your efforts and ability. Continue to make a difference. Christ’s blessings, Dad

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