In Uganda, since 2012, Hope of Africa (HOA) has been supporting Siyabonga House, sponsoring 18 orphaned and vulnerable children.  In January 2014, HOA purchased 2.15 acres of land in Wakiso District Kampala. Our goal with the land is to establish a larger program to work with both the Siyabonga children and additional youth as a part of our youth leadership program.   This includes community outreach and academic/extra-curricular activities such as IT, farming, tailoring, business & leadership workshops and music.

It is aimed at building leaders through youth development and education, empowering them to create a future that is not defined by poverty, to serve others, and to realize their hopes, talents and dreams.

We fenced off a portion of the land and planted 50 fruit trees.  In Uganda the land is so fertile that they say you can plant a seed and you won’t ever go hungry.

During construction, teams of volunteers specializing in farming and building skills are invited to assist in getting the work underway. For more information, email us at

How you can help: Volunteer to participate on a construction team in Uganda


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