United States Team


Heather Lytle

executive director

Heather May Lytle is the executive director and one of the co-founders of the Hope of Africa. Since 2003, she has worked throughout Africa partnering with several individuals and organizations in Africa. From 2006-2009, she lived in South Africa, and assisted with establishment of a boarding school for orphaned and vulnerable children. She also managed after school programs in several village schools.She currently travels to Africa several times a year to teach, conduct camps, and lead teams. Heather has a passion for holistically mentoring young people to achieve their God-given dreams and talents.


Andrew Lytle

Board President

Andrew (Heather’s brother) grew up on a ranch in Montana and graduated with honors from a two year program at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible. He also has a strong love of overseas travel where he discovered a huge burden for the difficult conditions of the people in the developing countries of the world. He is currently working as an independent contractor, and is honored to help serve the leaders working in Africa’s poorest areas.

Danielle Bink

Int'l Support Staff

Danielle Bink is from Montana and joined Hope of Africa in 2014. Since then she has lived in Uganda, South Africa and Montana. She loves farming, animals, and time spent with the African students. Shed also has a heart for discipleship and was the girls’ mentor during the Gap Year Pilot program.  Currently she works as international support staff, spending time in all three countries with administrative and project teams.

Uganda Team


Morris Kabuye

Country director

Morris previously worked with Music for Life, Distinct Software Solutions, and Course Trends Inc. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Eyeeza ICT Solutions. He lives in Wakiso, Uganda with his wife, Annette, and two children.

Annette Kabuye


Annette is Morris’s wife and mother of two beautiful children. She overseas the AWANA programs in Uganda. She also coordinates video, stories and communications from Uganda, working closely with the international communications team.

Herbert Ntambi

Project manager

Herbert manages the land development project in Uganda, as well as being deeply involved in the leadership development program. He mentors many of the gap year students and handles logistics.

Sandra Nasala

crafts Manager

Originally from Montana, Sandra now lives in Uganda with her husband. She recently joined the Hope of Africa team full-time to manage the craft business projects and keep books for the entire Ugandan team. 

South Africa Team


Paulette van der Merwe

Country director

Originally from Zimbabwe, Paulette now lives in South Africa. She is a farmer’s daughter, loves her family and has a heart for serving the Lord in all she does. One of her passions is to work with underprivileged youth in Africa. Her husband is a business man with a franchise in the fast food industry and together they also own 2 franchises for specialized investigations.

Johan Masuku

AWANA manager

Johan mentors the secondary students in South Africa. He has been working with orphaned and vulnerable youth since 2007.  He also leads the AWANA outreach in South Africa. Johan oversees 130 church AWANA programs that involve 6,900 children, and teaches AWANA somewhere in the area almost every day. Besides being “uncle” to many students, Johan is grateful for his beautiful wife and has two children of his own.