The Sweet Heart of an African Young Man

A couple days after Heather, Ben and I returned from our week-long camp in the African bush with the 22 high school students, we received a text message from Zuzmuzi, one of the 10th graders that had been on the retreat with us.  It read “Hello Aunty Heather, Aunty Amy and Uncle Ben. I just wanted to say I miss you all and am wishing to see you soon.  Sleep tight and sweet dreams and may God send His angels to protect you all night.  Love from Zuzmuzi.”  A couple days later we had a chance to pick him up and take him to lunch, afterwards, he texted us the following message: “Thank you Aunty Heather and Aunty Amy for what you have done for me today.  I enjoyed each and every second we spent together.  May God bless you.  Looking forward to seeing you again.  Love you!”

How many 16-year old guys do you know who will express so clearly and deeply how much he cherishes receiving love and attention from an adult?  Zuzmuzi is an orphan who has nothing, yet is one of the most thoughtful and kind young men I’ve ever met.

Through His grace,


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