Testimony to the Grace of God

With all the trainings and conferences and celebrations we have had so far this year, we would like to share some of the testimonies we were given. These have encouraged us, and we hope they will bless you as you read what the Lord is doing here in Nkomazi.

We held a graduation celebration in January. It was a time for encouragement to continue in the strength of the Lord, to maintain energy and consistency, and to celebrate the work the Lord has done this past year.  These testimonies are from a few of the participants who have been leading AWANA for over a year.

Inkazimulo ka Jehova CC in Zion – Schoemansdale

Parents, leaders, as well as the clubbers are thankful to the program because the number in our church is increasing as well as the kids. We as leaders get any assistance from the church, and they are working hand in hand with us. This program did make a difference in us as well the congregation at large.


In His Presence Tabernacle – Jeppes Reef

Some parents gave testimonies about the change they observe in their children at home that they are responsible, obedient and passionate about reading the Word of God. As they read their memory verses at home they ask their parents to help them.

One father was not allowing his children to go to church, so the children, when they see their friends going to church they go with them. When they return home they were sharing everything that was happening at church like story time, team time, and counsel time. The father was impressed when he heard his children saying the memory verses and dramatizing the stories. From that day he allowed his children to go to church and their mother.


New Covenant Bible Church – Kamhlushwa

I had little knowledge on how to handle and teach Sunday School children, but now AWANA has helped me. By attending their conferences I gained a lot. Even the children in the club have gained a lot through the materials (books) that AWANA gave us. Some of the kids were able to be a good influence to their parents who were not saved and now they are saved through their children.


We held an AWANA Seed Planter’s Training (SPT) in March. We trained 50 participants, representing 31 churches.  Almost every participant attended all three days of the conference. The purpose of the SPT is to teach participants how to start and run an AWANA club in their churches.  The participants were enthusiastic, teachable, and interactive. Overall the training went well and we have started helping these teachers establish AWANA in their churches. Here are a few testimonies from some of the participants.


Majestic Christian Church – Mdladla

My husband and I are blessed with five children, three boys and two girls. As a child of God I have received Jesus as my Savior and I have a heart to help and desire to work for God in my community and around the world. I have seen so many children that need help and also God, but many are orphans and from poor families. I am very grateful to get this opportunity of learning about God and how to spread the ministry/Word of God to these children as I have learned how important these children are. I will go out there, not only to my church, but everywhere to teach them and know how to treat them. I’ll also need prayers to continue to do the work and God to touch people’s hearts to help me with the work I am going to do.

Yours Sincerely,

Nelly Mtshabi


Kingdom Seekers Worship Tabernacle – Driekoppies

I am very grateful to the Almighty God for you, the AWANA sponsors, your training, prayer, and financial support. Thank you for your purest heart for the love of children. Coming to the training has made me realize that the ministry of children is important. There’s a lot that I have learnt that will help me to change the children’s lives and their future by teaching them God’s words because it is essential for children to know and understand the Gospel well and to teach them some activities like games. The AWANA program will help me to recruit more children because in our community many children are orphans living with their grandparents or their elder siblings. The AWANA ministry will help them to change their lives through Christ.

Serving with you,

Ngwenya Mariah Promise


Potter’s House International – Tonga

Dear Sponsor,

I am grateful to God for you, your prayers and your financial support of our AWANA ministry at Kamhlushwa Community Hall. Thank you for your desire to see the children in our community come to know our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have learnt much concerning ministering to children. I was able to study and understand God’s Word and understand how important children are to Him. I have been trained on how to share the Gospel more effectively. I now have a clear vision for spreading God’s Word to children and families in our village. I am looking forward to an exciting time training other members of the church and teaching the children so that together we can build God’s kingdom.

Praise God for you and your generous heart! May God richly bless you and your families, may He enlarge your territories. Pray for my children, that they will be good children. Pray that more souls will be saved through the AWANA ministry.

Serving with you,

Rosemary Tshalibe


House of Acts Tabernacle – Mzinti

I am very grateful for the way the AWANA ministry at Kamhlushwa Community Hall has come to uproot us, so that we desire to see the children in our community come to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am a single mother of two kids aged two and six. This workshop has helped me a lot. Hence I will be able to deal with my emotions in a better way from now on, not only to them but to all the kids in the village because most of them need motherly love with they don’t get at home. I believe I will be able to maintain God’s work and bring more kids to God. Hence most of the kids I have in class are not our church members’ children.

Praise God for your willing souls and spirit to serve. Praise for giving me a chance to be a part of this sermon. Pray for me to be able to tell others about God

Fikile Zitha


The House of Mercy Ministries – Block C

Thank you so much to AWANA about the camp we had, the support you have given me. I do believe that the method or the strategy will help the whole South Africa to be saved, and it can also help me as well as the Sunday School teacher because now I will have a direction on what I am doing and it will make more souls of children to be saved.

Lindokuhle Mnamathi


International Gospel Bible Church – Kamhlushwa

I want to thank God about this sponsor. Thank you for your desire to see the children in our community come to know Jesus Christ. I was able to study God’s Word and understand how important children are to Him. Thank you for the opportunity to bring AWANA to my church and share the gospel with the children and families in our community. Pray for the children’s parents, that they too will understand their need of a Savior. Pray for the Lord’s protection and provision for us daily.

Nompi Shabangu

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