Volunteer Teams

We have brought many teams from the States and Europe to assist with special programs over the years.  Here are a few examples:

VBS Camps for Children







We have conducted many camps within villages, working with groups of 300 to 500 children. The camp includes activities such as worship, skits, crafts, dance, games, life skills, and a tasty lunch. Our prayer is that children go away with the deep understanding of the love God has for them.  These camps also help local staff and community members to identify urgent needs of children within their community that need further follow up.  Team members from previous camps have found it to be a life transforming experience.

Click here to see a video from previous camps we have done (video production courtesy of Media29, LLC).



Leadership Camps for Teens



We have conducted camps aimed at allowing 20-25 secondary students to discover who they are and what their full potential is. This is done through team challenges, life skill workshops, Bible study, and worship. Most of these students come from very unsafe village and family situations…many of them are orphans and live in child-led homes.  Through the curriculum, we encourage these young people discover in a deeper way who God has created them to be and to stay focused and work hard at their studies despite the challenges of a dangerous village life.  The goal is to challenge them to live a life that is set apart by using the talents God has given them to serve their communities and to show people the transforming work of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Team members from previous camps have found it to be a life transforming experience.

Click here to see a video of excerpts from previous leadership camps we have done.



Hope of Africa Relief & Development Teams


Medical team in Mozambique

Building bricks for youth center

Building bricks for youth center

Community youth center project

Community youth center project








Relief & Development Teams work with young Africans (typically teens and twenties) to pass on skills while working on a project for a rural community. Examples of Relief & Development projects are:

  • Construction projects
  • Gardening/agriculture projects
  • Medical/dental clinics
  • Teacher workshops
  • Business strategies training

These trips help to train young Africans in a trade or career that they are interested in pursuing while meeting a vital need for a community.  These projects also allow us to build relationships with community members and open doors for future projects such as youth/VBS camps.  We have lots of contacts with young Africans who have a heart to start a business but need training before they can start.

Click here to see a video of excerpts from previous projects we have done.


Garden Project–cleared & planted corn

Kids learning to plant corn

Renovation team–sanded and painted hospital building



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