Successful Youth Retreat!!

Heather, Ben and I recently returned from conducting a 7-day youth retreat in the African bush.  The 22 kids that we took on the retreat were African Children’s Choir members who are now in secondary school.  It was a great opportunity to get them reunited with their choir brothers and sisters and really plug into them.  Daily life for them in their villages is much much harder than we can imagine in the states.  During this week we camped out, cooked all of our meals over a fire and washed our clothes in a bucket!  We took the kids hiking to the top of a mountain, horseback riding and rappelling…all firsts for them!!  It was an exhausting but very rewarding week!

Click on this link to see more pictures.  If you scroll over the pictures, you’ll see a brief description of each picture. You can also click on each picture to see a larger image.


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