So Much Fun At VBS!

We had a wonderful time of learning and playing at VBS.  We had two three-day camps, and each camp ended with over 200 children in attendance.


These VBS camps are a great opportunity for our teens to develop their leadership skills while learning the blessing of serving in ministry.  They did an amazing job and it’s so encouraging to see our older teens mentoring the younger ones.  It’s been a blessing to watch them grow in  confidence and leadership over the years.


After each week of VBS we had a one day youth camp with the students who helped us.  We played a variety of games to strengthen their leadership, communications and problem solving skills.  We also hiked, cooked s’mores over a bonfire, and had group devotions where we discussed how they could affect the people around them for Christ.


We are very proud of these young men and women who are striving to follow God. Please pray for them as they work on their studies while continuing to grow in character and their relationships with Christ.

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