Siyabonga House (‘Siyabonga’ means “thank you”) was started by a group of young Africans in their 20′s who, working with local churches and families, identified 18 orphaned and vulnerable children and pooled their resources to rent property in which to house them. They provided them with a secure environment to thrive and grow and not have to worry about school fees and where their next meal would come from. Heather and Tamsin have worked alongside several of these young Africans since 2002 on tours overseas and in community run programs in South Africa and Uganda.  Siyabonga House hires teachers and has been raising and home-schooling the younger children, while the elder ones attend local boarding schools. Currently in 2014 there are 12 in traditional boarding schools where they are being prepared eventually for university.  Hope of Africa shares the cost with Siyabonga in sponsoring some of these children to attend school.


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