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Siyabonga House (literally “Thank You”), is a rented house with 18 kids (orphaned or vulnerable) started by 6 young African men and women in their 20’s.  These young Africans do not all have jobs, some work part time, and some are still starting their lives looking for jobs. But they have chosen to “pay it forward” by pooling their resources and collectively committing to raise & parent these 18 kids through university. They are homeschooling the kids through 5th grade (two full time qualified teachers live on site at the house), then they must pay to send them to a formal government boarding school so that they can prepare to take Grade 7 exams, which will determine if they have the opportunity to be placed in a government secondary school, which is necessary for any chance at university. School is very very competitive and a privilege in Uganda, students have to work very hard.  There are 8 students this year that need to transition to this government primary school.   WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT ALL 8 WERE TAKEN THIS WEEK FOR OFFICIAL INTERVIEWS AND PASSED THE ENTRANCE EXAM REQUIREMENTS!!!!  This solidifies that their standards of homeschool are competitive with the equivalent of what government schools would expect.

Attached is a PDF file (Siyabonga House Profile) showing the ministry profile of Siyabonga House–their goals and what they are all about.  These kids are not just a sponsored kids getting the bare minimum to survive.  The intention of this program is to care for these kids like they would their own, guiding them and loving them through life with physical, spiritual, and emotional support in order that they will be strong leaders and equipped to truly make an impact on their community and world.

To help them make this happen, we are breaking this our fundraising efforts into three parts:

Part 1 – Monthly donations:  Our goal is to have 16 people commit to $20 per month to cover tuition and boarding costs for these 8 students.  We currently have 10 of the 16 commitments!!

Part 2 – School Bag Initiative:  We are starting a School Bag initiative that will allow us to save a lot of money by bringing items from that US that the students need for school.  We hope to collect school bags, clothing, toiletries, stationary and other items that we can take to Uganda this March to give to the students (it will be much like Operation Christmas Child, if you have ever done that.) Please contact for more information on what is needed for these school bags. You can get your work or small group involved and commit to sponsoring a bag!  Bags will be assembled in Montana and Minnesota, so items will have to be send to one of those locations.  Contact for more information.

Part 3 – ‘Odds and Ends” Initiative:  Lastly, for those of you who would like to make a one-time donation to this project, we also have an ‘Odd and Ends’ initiative to collect money for the purchase of items  that we’ll have to buy on the ground in Uganda (uniforms, mattresses, wash basin, etc.)  We need $162 per child for these items.  If you would like to sponsor an ‘Odds and Ends” package for a student (or a portion of one), please contact

We hope you will partner with us on this project and join the “Siyabonga Team”.  Know that you will have a family in Uganda that will daily be lifting you up and praying for you. Down the road, we also hope we could even have a Skype conference and you can personally get to speak your kids and the staff from time to time. Lots to do, but I hope you feel the excitement from Uganda already!!

Siyabonga staff are focused on making this project sustainable.  They were just given land a month ago and will be starting to save this year for building a house onsite so that there is no rent costs, etc. They also have already started gardens and a chicken project to help make their ministry sustainable.

Finally, last but not least.  Our goal next year and probably for next several years will be to take teams that will help with development of this base. We will be doing children’s camps, building, gardening, and medical projects alongside of these Siyabonga kids to not only develop a proper school so that more kids can be adopted, but to reach out to kids in the surrounding village in need.  So, please, if you would like to come meet your sponsored kids and get involved with an upcoming trip, we would love for you to have a life changing experience in Uganda. Our aim is not just to establish another project. But to create a family between here and there that know each other and follow each other’s lives.  We want you to feel you are really a part of the Siyabonga family!  Lets just watch God work as we are all faithful with our part of this great adventure!!

For those if you are interested in donating:  You can make your check out to The Hope of Africa. These checks can be made out to The Hope of Africa and sent to:

The Hope of Africa
3295 Bell Mountain Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


THANK YOU for being a part of these kids lives!!  Contact for any questions.

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