our ministry partners

The Hope of Africa is all about connecting people and small groups in the states with grassroots organizations in Africa that are working to make a difference in the lives of African youth.


Siyabonga house

Siyabonga House (‘Siyabonga’ means “thank you”) was started by a group of young Africans in their 20′s who, working with local churches and families, identified 18 orphaned and vulnerable children and pooled their resources to rent property in which to house them. They provided them with a secure environment to thrive and grow and not have to worry about school fees and where their next meal would come from. 

Heather and Tamsin have worked alongside several of these young Africans since 2002 on tours overseas and in community run programs in South Africa and Uganda. Siyabonga House hired teachers, raising and home-schooling the children until they reached secondary school age and started attending boarding school. 

Currently in 2018 there are 14 in secondary school and 4 in the last years of primary school. All attend boarding schools where they are being prepared eventually for university. Hope of Africa shares the cost with Siyabonga in sponsoring some of these children to attend school.

Siyabonga Home Visit
Siyabonga Family


H.O.P.E. Amplified

Our partner, H.O.P.E. Amplified, is a hostel for 50 street boys from Kibera slum, which is the second largest slum in Africa. They provide educational assistance and discipleship, as well as leading local youth groups.

It was started by Tony Were, a long-time friend of Heather’s. He left a promising journalism career to move back into Kibera to mentor and care for the street boys. He has a love for mentoring orphans and vulnerable children. His gift of discipleship is contagious and he has dedicating his life to make this his full-time job. 

Tony runs English, religious education, math, Swahili, sports, music and farming lessons with the street boys every weekend to help them go back into formal education. Working closely with other volunteers, he is a strong male role model and a consistent figure in the boys’ lives. 2014 marked the second year since H.O.P.E. Amplified was started, and by the end of the  year, 21 of the boys who had been placed were still in school.

Tony is an integral part of our program in Kenya and a wonderful part of our team.

Tony Face Shot
Tony and I handing out shoes

South Africa

Pastor and Mrs. Lubisi

Mr. Lubisi is a primary school principal and the pastor of a Living Waters Ministries in Schoemansdal, South Africa. Mrs. Lubisi is a social worker and mentor to hundreds of youth in her village. They have a passion for serving the youth in their community and are developing a youth center to provide mentorship to kids in their community who would otherwise be hanging out on the street.  

Our students have served alongside the Lubisis with community service projects. Plus the Lubisis have been amazing mentors to the staff of The Hope of Africa.

Pastor Lubisi