Midnight Calculus Sessions!!

I was working on Calculus with a 12th grade student (Zandile) until 12:30am last night!  When I saw her at her school this morning, she was so proud and excited to say that she had gotten all the problems right (I think she was the only one in class that didn’t have to do any corrections).  We had so much fun learning how to use derivatives to find the maximums and minimums of functions!

I mentioned in an earlier post about Zandile’s focus on graduating with really good grades and getting into university (she graduates in December).  I was at her house yesterday and noticed a schedule she has posted on her wall.  She has blocked her time from 9:00pm – 12:30am and then from 3:30am to 4:45am EVERY NIGHT for homework/studying with specific time blocks for each subject (from 45 minutes to 2 hours each depending on the subject).  She sleeps from 7pm – 9pm and from 12:30am – 3:30am so she has quiet time in the house to work.  Then she has to start getting ready for school at 4:45am when she’s done studying.  She has a goal of going to university for something health related and is determined to get her family out of the poverty situation they’re currently in.  Her 20-year old sister Fortunate is the oldest person in the house (both parents have been deceased for about 5 years) and does most of the chores so that Zandile can focus on her school work.  Fortunate dreams of going to university herself someday but is willing to do what it takes to get Zandile there first.  I am honored to work with students like this.


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