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I’ve had several opportunities to tutor some high school students in math (“maths” as they call it over here).  Their work ethic is astounding!  They have clamored for one-on-one time with me, going over problems they don’t understand.  This is during their winter holidays, mind you.

The first picture is of Nomfundo, a sweet little 8th grader who was so enthusiastic about working on math with me.  She was so cute…we were working on special angles formed with parallel lines, and whenever I asked her the relationship between two angles she would just start guessing every name she knew (corresponding, opposite interior, adjacent, vertical) until she got the right answer.  Made me laugh!  But after a couple hours and some good comparisons to something in her daily life she started getting it

Next two pictures are of Zandile who is in Grade 12.  Grade 12 math is mandatory in South Africa and is a cummulative year in which they must be able to master everything from Algebra to Calculus, including Geometry and Trigonometry!!   I got to spend several hours working with her and she actually said that I helped her understand math and now she enjoys it 🙂  YAY!!  I gave her a graphing calculator, which she had never seen before.  What a difference this technology made for her!  She proudly showed it off to fellow students.  She’s so excited about being able to use it at university next year.

What an awesome blessing it has been to get to work with these kids.


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  1. You are SO in your element sister. Now don’t go getting any ideas about picking up and moving to Africa to be a math teacher:)

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