We plan to establish a permanent center in Uganda, from which we can work together to improve access for youth development and education, thus providing them with the opportunity to discover their talents and dreams. Building on foundation work and our model in South Africa, this is an opportunity for Hope Of Africa to establish a center from which to manage it’s East Africa operations.


The purchased land will host young Africans for extended periods of time, running  workshops in areas such as IT, farming, tailoring, business skills, job application, agriculture and music. On the land we also have plans to build a permanent home for Siyabonga House, our local partners who currently house and care for 18 orphaned and vulnerable children. 


Phase One Sep 2014- Dec 2017 – $74,400

We laid the foundations to enable Hope Of Africa to operate in Uganda: cleared and fenced the land, dug a well, and planted a garden to provide food for Siyabonga children. We also plan to start community outreach: Children’s camps, local work projects; basic medical interventions and an AWANA Sunday school curriculum in local churches. All of these things will enable us to reach youth and children in the communities around where we are based. Skills training and other practical workshops, will provide crucial skills for life, as well as mentoring and counseling opportunities for young adults. 


We are still building  the base house to provide living quarters for the Siyabonga children and our network of youth. We hope to raise some animals as a means of food security, build a roof water catchment and set up solar power on site. 


Phase Two- Jan 2018-2020

Our goals are to:

 > Expand the community branch of the program, and establish further networks enabling young Africans to build on the three pillars of leadership, character and educational/professional development. 

> Add more facilities and extend the base from which to operate to include accommodation for longer term stay and volunteers, extra 

workshop space, as well as some recreational areas for people to enjoy.


We are a grassroots project, we believe in combating poverty through small steps, personal relationships and changing one life at a time.