Suubi AfrICA YOUTH - Uganda

We plan to establish a permanent center in Uganda, from which we can work together to improve access for youth development and education, thus providing them with the opportunity to discover their talents and dreams. Building on foundation work and our model in South Africa, this is an opportunity for Hope Of Africa to establish a center from which to manage it’s East Africa operations.

We are currently registered as a LLC in Uganda, which is called Suubi Africa Youth. Suubi encompasses several programs and projects happening on the land currently. Currently, we have a two room workers quarters, that allows us to have a full time caretaker family for our property. We also have planted about 200 Eucalyptus trees, 36 fruit trees, seasonal vegetables, and ginger that we contribute to local families. We also have chickens and wish to have some pigs soon. The goal of land development will be to teach agricultural skills and to promote work ethic and basic investment that will allow us to provide self sustaining resources for our Gap Year and academic sponsorship programs.


We hope to built a home one day, called Polly’s Place, named after our grandmother, who was a homesteader at heart and loved to serve and create family belonging for all who came through her doors. The Polly’s Place home will host gap year students, vulnerable youth, volunteers, and staff. We hope to one day run more regular workshops in areas such as IT, farming, tailoring, business skills, craft skills, agriculture and music. On the land we also have plans to build a permanent home for Siyabonga Milele, our local partners who currently sponsor 18 orphaned and vulnerable children. We also anticipating hosting leadership camps and workshops for youth development and empowerment programs. 


Sep 2014

We laid the foundations to enable Hope Of Africa to operate in Uganda: cleared and fenced the land, dug a well, and planted a garden to provide food for Siyabonga children.


We planted our fruit trees and Eucalyptus trees and planted a garden to provide food for Siyabonga children. We also extensively on setting up and registering our LLC Suubi Africa.


Jan 2016


We were able to register our LLC Suubi Africa and establish a well on our property.  We also worked to expand the community branch of the program, and establish further networks enabling us to establish relationships with young Africans focusing on our three pillars of leadership, character and educational/professional development.

Jan 2017

We selected our first 12 Gap Year students that attended our full time program for 4 months. During that time, we planted many crops, built a Cobb oven, and a two room worker’s quarters. Add more facilities and extend the base from which to operate to include accommodation for longer term stay and volunteers, extra 


We are a grassroots project, we believe in combating poverty through small steps, personal relationships and changing one life at a time. 

Projections and Dreams for 2018

We hope to build a second story for our worker’s quarters that will sleep 8 people. We also hope to finish showers and latrines so that we can host camps. We need to purchase solar equipment for camps. We also have been working on expanding our agricultural projection doing ginger and starting chickens. 

Costs: Total $9370



Property development May- Dec 2018
Spaying fruit trees $71
Ginger $245
Chicken Coop $1,360
200 broiler chickens $964
Piggery with 4 pigs $1,649
2nd story quarters plus latrines $5,081
Total $9,370

Projections and Dreams for 2019

We would like to host another 6 month Gap Year program on our property. We would like to build some classrooms, a guest house, and a kitchen with lappa area.

Costs: Approximately $90,450



 Suubi ProjectsCosts of 2019
Land maintenance $1,500.00
Property development $35,000.00
Suubi youth $3,120.00
Camp; discipleship;mentoring $4,010.00
Small business development $1,100.00
Uganda staff $9,720.00
Gap year program $15,000.00
Travel for Staff $5,000.00
Vehicle $16,000.00
TOTAL $90,450.00

Projections and Dreams for 2020 

We would like to host a 6 to 8 month Gap Year program on our property utilizing the guest house. We will continue to work classrooms for skills training, and build Polly’s Place home that will be more permanent residence for Gap Year students and staff. 



Suubi Africa Youth projects2020Notes
Land maintenance $2,500.00 
Property development $25,000.00 2020- Polly’s Place home complete
Suubi youth $4,800.00University fees and  transport and other costs for Suubi youth students
Camp; discipleship; mentoring $5,015.00ongoing monthly support costs- mentoring to Siyabonga kids- camps- bi-monhtly fellowships. 
Small business development $1,100.00 Agriculture and jewelry
Uganda staff $10,920.00 
Gap year program $15,000.00Based on 2017 costs
Travel for Staff $5,000.00 
Vehicle Maintenance $2,500.00 
TOTAL $71,835.00