Hello All,

Sorry for not writing on our blog sooner, it feels like we have been running a marathon at a sprinting pace. 🙂 Hopefully, you will be seeing more blogs in our last couple of weeks here.

Earlier this week our team had the opportunity to go to a poorer town in South Africa called Komatipoort. We were originally there to hand out sweets and balloons to the kids in a pre-school, but when we arrived the kids were not there. Fortunately for us, God had a plan and we were still able to have an impact on the community. As soon as we started blowing up these balloons the kids came running. We would look around and think we had given one to all of them, then all of the sudden five more kids were running down the road. Balloons seem like such a simple thing to us, but each and every one of their faces lit up at the prospect of having their own balloon. It was an incredible experience.

Thank you all for your continuous support.

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