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Tony is a long time friend of Heather’s and someone she has worked alongside many times. Being a slum kid himself, he knows first hand what it feels like to be malnourished and vulnerable. He has left a promising journalism career to instead pursue a calling God has put on his heart to serve unwanted or abandoned children. He has an incredible heart for slum kids in Kibera (the second largest slum in Africa) and is going to great lengths to give kids that have no hope a fighting chance at life. Tony runs English, religious education, math, Swahili, sports, music and farming lessons with the street boys every weekend to help them go back into formal education. Working closely with other volunteers, he is a strong male role model and a consistent figure in the boys’ lives. 2014 marked the second year since H.O.P.E. Amplified was started, and by the end of the  year, 21 of the boys who had been placed were still in school.  Partnership with  a local church has offered a channel for all H.O.P.E’s donations and monetary gifts, offering transparency to its ministry.

We are partnering with Tony and supporting his basic living expenses as well as ministry expenses, so that he can continue impacting the lives of street kids. We want to continue to raise support to help the children of H.O.P.E. Amplified.  Please partner with us to help this incredible ministry

Ian & Lavender with Food Parcel

Ian and Lavender receiving food parcel



Read Tony’s incredible story by clicking here.

Click here to help support Tony’s ministry to street kids in Kenya.



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