Getting ready for South Africa 2012!

We are busy getting ready to head to South Africa again this summer.  My 15-year old nephew Jonas will be joining me for the first time and he is beyond excited!  Our main priorty will be setting up a computer lab for a secondary school that has shown great promise in preparing their students for university opportunites.  Our oldest student Zandile graduated from this school last December and is currently studying Analytical Engineering at a university in Pretoria (the capital city).  We have collected 6 donated computers and will be installing them and teaching the students basic typing skills and how to use Microsoft Office.  Heather will also be coming over this summer and is bringing her 16-year old brother Josh.  Needless to say, the two boys will be a great asset to teaching the high schoolers there how to use the computers.  We’re also hoping to host a couple-day long retreat while the students are on school holiday.  Please be in prayer for safe travels and that God creates opportunities to network with principals, teachers and grassroots organizations that He wants us to partner with.  All for the goal of helping African youth know that God has created them to have a hope and a future!


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