How Can You Help?

The Hope of Africa exists to bring hope and a future to young African students who are caught in the cycle of poverty, but we cannot do this without your help.  There are many ways that you can get involved and be a part of bringing change to the lives of young students, their families and their communities.  These children are the hope of Africa…you can be their hope.

Hope in Action Volunteer Program.  We at The Hope of Africa are passionate about reaching young people and giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty, but it takes more than just us.  We need people with construction skills to help with various construction projects.  We need teachers to help conduct workshops with rural African teachers.   We need people who are passionate about mentoring young people to help us run leadership retreats.    Would you consider giving your time and yourself to bettering the life of a vulnerable youth?    Click here to find out more information about volunteering with The Hope of Africa.


Prayer.  As Christians who believe that God has given us this desire to help vulnerable African students, we cannot hope to make a difference unless we rely fully on Him.  Would you consider praying regularly for the following?

That we are faithful to follow His leading daily and that we give all honor and glory to Him.  That we are wise stewards of the money that is donated.  That He will guide us to the students and projects that can best be served with the resources we have.


Tell Two.  Most of you have probably heard the analogy that if you tell something to two friends and they each tell two friends who also each tell two friends and so on, that after a short while hundreds of people will have gotten the message.   Tell Two asks you to consider sharing the story of these African students and our mission to bring them hope with at least two of your friends.  If you are intentional to share our purpose with only two people, very quickly hundreds will have heard the message and will be bringing hope to African youth.


Students 4 Hope.  When students get passionate about a project, there is no stopping them!  From holding fundraisers, to spreading the word at their schools, to sponsoring school supplies for a student across the world, to writing letters to African school students, there are many ways that American youth can take part in something that is bigger than themselves.



Fundraising Ideas.   There are many ways to raise money for The Hope of Africa.  Would you or your small group commit to having a fundraiser and donating the profits to Hope of Africa?  Here are some fundraising ideas…




  • Car wash
  • Garage Sale (even hold a community sale with your neighbors!)
  • Bake sale
  • Ask a friend who sells Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc to donate a portion of the profits from a party that you hosted.
  • Host a Hope of Africa 5k run

Fundraiser Ideas