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As many of you know, we run a gap year program out of our house in South Africa that is focused on developing the academic, leadership and spiritual strengths of our youth.  We asked four of our gap year students to give us their thoughts about their tutoring experience this year as they are working hard to prepare for university in 2016. Be blessed knowing that your prayers and your support for this ministry are changing these kids’ lives and changing their communities.


Painful, but also worthwhile, are the moments I have spent in the gap year program. Learning is fun with class discussions and group work that drives the hunger within for more knowledge. However, never do we forget the LORD who brought us here nor the hearts that He has touched to bring about this golden opportunity. Some days are hard but we try our best to strive to be educated. Giving up seems like an amazing idea but we know that it’s not an option. Our future is not made bright by giving up or seeking comfort but by always working hard. We are also fortunate to have aunties who take time to build up our faith and mentor us to be leaders. Giving back to the community is also something we are encouraged to do. I am a science student and science is confusing, but I love my subject especially biology and physics. I see this program as a gift and I am thankful to everyone who made it possible for me to study.
Busie   Busie 2


This year tutoring for me has been quite an enjoyable activity. In the past years it has not been my favorite thing. Early this year I did some deep thinking about tutoring, and I realized that tutoring is a privilege. Not many students have this opportunity. With that in mind, I told myself that I am going to grab this opportunity with both my hands and make use of it. Since then I have been enjoying tutoring and I have been learning a lot. This year I am only upgrading one subject and it is math. I have to say that Aunty Amy has been doing a very excellent job at teaching us. Math used to be one of the subjects I disliked, but that changed this year. I am developing interest in math. The topics we have covered so far in math is algebra, financial math, number patterns and sequences, functions, graphs, equations and inequalities and finally trigonometry. I am still looking forward to rest of the time I have tutoring.
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The gap year program has helped me in many ways, some of which are building me spiritually and academically. I am upgrading some challenging subjects, namely life science and math. The gap year program has helped me to be more focused in those subjects and all the practice tests we have done so far are helping me do better. Going to villages to teach the children more about God has also built me spiritually and has taught me a lot about loving and caring for other people.
KhanyisileKhanyisile 2


This year’s tutoring has been great ever since we started. I am studying two subjects which are math and physical science. I enjoy being taught by the teachers. In math, we have covered five topics and I understand them better than last year. The math teacher teaches very well. She is the best math teacher I’ve ever met. I think I’ll do well and pass math. The science teacher is also good. I thank God for bringing people to help us this year. It is a blessing to me.
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