Fundraising for South African Students

As many of you know, 4 of our 5 students graduated from secondary school in the end of December with high enough grades to be eligible for university.  This alone is a huge accomplishment as many of them face daily challenges of little food, long commutes to school, little time (and sometimes electricity) to study, and other pressures of village life.  Unfortunately, South Africa had a surge of students applying to universities this year and there were not enough placements for our students.  We have enrolled them in 1-year distance learning certification programs that will provide them various skills (public relations, office management, etc) that will not only make them eligible for the job market, but will hopefully improve their chances of getting into university next January.  These certification programs will also help improve their computer skills, which will pay huge dividends next year in university and will also require them to be self-disciplined as they will be working self-paced rather than a traditional classroom setting.  We know that our students are up for the challenge…they are highly motivated to obtain the education required to break their families out of poverty.  All of these students are the first in their families to graduate from high school and the first to obtain post-secondary education.  They have worked hard to become eligible for university and these 1-year certification programs will go a long way to helping them get there.  The average cost of tuition, books & supplies, and transportation to the nearest town (to use the Internet at the library) is only $50 per month.  Would you be willing to commit $25 per month for the next year?  For every two people that commit to $25 per month, we can send one of these highly motivated students through this certification program.  We only need a total of 8 people to change the lives of all 4 of these students!  And the best part of this initiative is that I will be traveling to South Africa this summer and can take letters to the student you sponsor and will be able to bring back letters and pictures from them.  Won’t you join with us to make a change in the life of an orphaned or vulnerable African teenager?  Please contact for more information.


Amy (for everyone at The Hope of Africa)

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