Everything is a Competition

I told you in the last post about Jabulani, one of our 11th grade boys that we sponsor.  The other day there were too many kids to fit in the car on the ride home from school so Jabulani decided to race me.  It was only about 1.5 miles but I knew there was no way he could beat a car.  He took off as fast as he could and was so close behind that it was actually a foot race to the door (but I won by a hair!!) Jonas, however, was convinced he could do better, so the next day he challenged me (i.e. the car) to a race from the house to school.  I’m embarrassed to say that he won (his Mom will be quite proud of that).  The runners took a shortcut and I had to travel on the road, but when I came around the last corner and Jonas saw how close I was, his long legs moved faster than I thought possible and he actually beat me.  I think that counts as his daily workout!!


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