Many children in Africa cannot attend school due to inability to pay for uniforms, transportation or school fees.  Often, children and teenagers cannot attend school because they have to care for younger siblings or parents affected by HIV/AIDS. In many regions, principals deal with malnourished children, in overcrowded schools, with a lack of class rooms, toilets and running water.

In Africa, there are many bright and motivated students that grow up with minimal opportunities that allows them to maintain the grades required to achieve enrollment in a secondary school and onto University. Lack of school fees, no electricity or access to computers and books; lack of home-support, household chores, malnutrition, sickness, and crowded village environments are all contributors that cause a student to struggle to achieve secondary education. We are partnering with students in South and East Africa, helping them stay focused mentally, emotionally and physically on achieving their academic potential.

In South Africa we have been assisting a group of 72 secondary students that are working hard to create a future that is not defined by poverty. Our oldest child (Zandile) received a full government scholarship and started university in Jan 2012. Since then 9 students have graduated from secondary school that we have assisted with tutoring and university applications. 21 more students will be applying over the next few months.

Through Siyabonga House in Uganda we assist in sponsoring 18 orphans and vulnerable children through primary and secondary school. These students are the bedrock of our program!

In Kenya we have been able to send funds to our partners Timothy and Priscilla who have built a school hall and kitchen for their local primary school. Tony Were through HOPE Amplified in Nairobi Kenya, has been working to rehabilitate street boys back into school. At time of writing (August 2014) Tony had been able to get 32 boys back into school!

Specific ways you can get involved (click on the links below for more information):

1) Help a young Ugandan orphan to attend school (Siyabonga House)

2) Help mentor a young Kenyan street boy and/or sponsor his education (H.O.P.E. Amplified)

3) Help sponsor a Kenyan missionary couple who is building a school in Kenya

4) Are you a teacher?  Volunteers are needed to conduct workshops with African teachers and/or tutoring sessions with African students (trip dates pending)