Jewelry & Crafts Project

Our goal is jewelry and crafts that make a lasting DIFFERENCE. This project empowers vulnerable women and youth out of poverty by creating business opportunities.

Hope of Africa recently started a craft project, based in Uganda and South Africa. The goal is to create work, and a market, that will support both our University students and a group of displaced and at-risk women. Our role is to design and sell jewelry that the women and students can make. The women make the beads to support themselves, send their children to school, and feed their families. The project also supports many of our vulnerable university students, so they can pay for transport to school, some school fees and school materials. They assemble the bracelets and earrings in their free time from school. 

For every 8 necklaces we sell, this will pay one university student’s tuition for a year.


Just A Few of our Styles

These versatile and stretchy pieces can be worn as wrap bracelets or necklaces. The possibilities are endless! Every bead of every piece is hand-rolled in Uganda from recycled paper.

I am from Uganda, I’m 22-years-old, and I’m studying Industrial Art and Design. I grew up with a single parent and that was my mom. Life wasn’t so easy because she had to work very hard, and sometimes had no job, yet she had to support me.

The Hope of Africa has taught me a lot to make me a better person. They have helped me become an entrepreneur, and better spiritual person through teaching the Bible. They have also helped in my hardships , and I thank God for the Hope of Africa people.

Some of the biggest challenges I face currently are getting school requirements, because my course tends to be so expensive. My other challenges are raising money to pay my rent, up-keep and transport while at the university and for personal needs.

I want to work at something connected to what I study at the university. That is to say things to do with art and crafts or fashion. I someday see myself working shops and boutiques for different types of arts.


Jewelry Project Artist

Join the Team

Hope of Africa is about empowering vulnerable African youth through education, discipleship, and community development. We are also about empowering women and youth out of poverty through business opportunities. By hosting a party, you can partner with women and youth in Africa to create a more hopeful future.

You can host a Home Party or an E-Party. When you contact us to host a party, we will provide you with a hostess kit and DVD, so that you can share the story of Hope of Africa Jewelry with your guests and friends.

Contact us today, and make a difference that lasts forever!



PO Box 3932, Bozeman MT 59772