In 2013, we set up 18 laptop computers set up to serve two secondary schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa, reaching over 1300 students. 

 In 2014, we added another 8 computers that individual students use for essential courses in university.

In 2017, We have also established a lab with 17 laptops in a local church in Uganda.


Computer literacy is essential for students that have the potential for attending university.  Most students in this district do not have access to a computer and this is a major hindrance to their future goals and dreams of attending university, so this is a powerful opportunity to impact the future of hundreds of students. We trained a core team of high school students on a Microsoft Office syllabus. Students work very hard to acquire the skills they need to be competitive in university.


Often schools have very minimal resources for students coming from poor families, and without a good education and computer literacy alone could keep certain students from being academically competitive. Students without access to computers must compete for university placement with students that from developed provinces or private schools with access to computer labs.  Without basic computer skills and the ability to type, students are simply not able to compete at university.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE COMPUTERS! We often can refurbish old laptops with slower processors as we only need basic programs to assist these students with their studies. PLEASE EMAIL INFO@HOPEOFAFRICAYOUTH.ORG if you have a laptop or basic Microsoft software you would like to donate.