Christmas Party for Kibera Street Boys

On December 22, HOA volunteers Heather, Ami and Matt Regier, partnered with Tony, coordinator of the Kibera Street Boy Project, to throw a much-anticipated Christmas Party. We were greeted at the gate by droves of eager, bright-eyed boys. Lively fist bumping ensued as names were exchanged. Rapid-fire questions went something like this…”How is the USA?” “Do you play football?” “What is your team?” What do you mean, you don’t have a team???”

The first planned event was devotions in the meeting hall, featuring Tony, telling the story of Jesus’ birth. Six of the boys sang their rehearsed Christmas music, ending with a rousing rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” One of the older boys, Julius, accompanied on guitar.

What is Christmas without a Christmas meal? The time for Christmas dinner (main entre: roasted goat) was quickly approaching. We went to work, rolling out chapati (think tortilla shell), cutting veggies and chatting with the boys. Two of the boys gave us a brief tour of the campus, including the meeting hall, huge sleeping quarters jam-packed with bunk beds, the two kitchens, chicken coop, garden, and football field.  Dinner was a real feast for the boys, as they do not have meat often.

By this time, a local church youth group arrived, prepared to entertain. With full bellies, the crowd made their way back into the warehouse to watch. The youth portrayed the gospel through a short drama and music. The whole group dispersed into small animated groups dancing, laughing, and chatting.

As the crowd cleared, Heather, Ami and Matt went with Tony to the local market to purchase Christmas gifts…shoes, jeans, socks, and shirts. The distribution process was short-lived as the boys efficiently lined up and made group decisions regarding who would receive each item. Animated glee, jubilation, and celebration ensued. Every boy proudly showed off their gifts for pictures and shouted “Thank you! God bless you!”

Thank you to all who contributed to Christmas gifts for the boys. Very much appreciated!!!!

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