South Africa 2011

University visits!!!

We got the chance the other day to take Zandile (a 12-grader and the oldest student of the group of orphans that we’re working with over here) to visit a University about an hour away.  Zandile (pronounced Zan-dee-lay) has good marks and works hard and has aspirations of working in the medical field.  The university …

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Rhino dung….

When you find this pile of “you know what” right outside your camp in the morning, you know you’ve had some rhinos visiting your campsite during the night.  Thankfully they didn’t get into any of the food….LOL!!

Math Tutoring

I’ve had several opportunities to tutor some high school students in math (“maths” as they call it over here).  Their work ethic is astounding!  They have clamored for one-on-one time with me, going over problems they don’t understand.  This is during their winter holidays, mind you. The first picture is of Nomfundo, a sweet little …

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Kruger National Park

Had a chance to go to the Kruger National Park to see some of the Big Five (Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Water Buffalo and Elephant).  What a cool experience when a herd of elephants decides to walk right in front of your car.  Spotting the cheetah was an extremely rare occurrence…people can live here for years …

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Ben has gone back to the States :-(

Heather’s brother Ben left the other day to go back to the States.  We miss him here!  He had such an great impact on these young men.  I am confident God will use him mightily in the future over here…he’s got the Africa bug now!!  (no, not African tick bite fever….) Amy

Promised Update

It is hard to put in words what has occurred thus far. The campsite we were able to reserve was the only affordable option we found in all of our six months of searching, and we only found it about 10 days before we left for South Africa. Our hosts went out of their way …

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