We conducted a baptism for 13 students on Saturday (with the help of Heather’s former pastor here in South Africa).  The water was quite cold, as you can see by the reaction of some of the kids as they entered the water!!  It all started with one 10th grade girls saying she wanted to get baptized, and that snowballed into 13 of them and one of the former village staff.  It was so exciting to see so many of them wanting to express their faith.  These kids have so many challenges in their lives…physical safety, hunger, lack of parental support (all of them are orphans or vulnerable children and are desperately poor).  But this baptism was a real spiritual victory in their lives.  I’ll upload a video to my facebook page of a worship song they sang before the baptism started.  Their love for Christ, expressed in song, gives me chills everytime I watch it.


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