Written by Sakhile and Tshepo, two of our gap year students:

What a program! This program teaches us gap year students to be in leadership, and not just being in leadership but also being in line with our God. We learn a lot from one another, the kids learn new things from us, and we also learn new things from them. In this program we get to see the real person, or lets say, the inner person in those kids, and we get to see what they are good at and what they love doing. Indeed they are good kids and when it comes to Bible verses they are really good at memorizing, and they have good memories.

As for us leaders, we learn new praise songs, worship songs and new games. The kids have potential when it comes to church items, e.g. Bible stories, verses, etc.  AWANA helps a lot in helping those kids that are not close to God to come closer to him each and every day. When the leaders talk to the church pastors, they do say that lots of new kids are coming in to church every Sunday. That really inspires us as young leaders to do our best because it shows that God is helping us in sharing His Word and many children are touched and moved from what they hear and practice.

We say shout out to the Lord for helping us and for being with us in doing His work, may He give us the strength and ability to continue doing so.

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