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Jonas & Jabulani

This is Jabulani standing next to Jonas.  Jabulani’s name means “Happy” and it is very fitting for him!  He is always smiling and cracking a joke.  He is a master story teller and he weaves so many stories that I think he’s forgotten the truth sometimes!  You can’t believe anything out of his mouth!  I asked him the other day if he wanted two pieces of toast and he said “Auntie, what is two?  I don’t understand the number two.”  Then the other day I told the kids to put their seatbelts on in the car and he said it wasn’t a problem because when he was younger, he was the boss of the police, so if we got pulled over they would see Jabulani in the car and let us go.  He also told me that his doctor told him to never do math at night…that it was dangerous for his health.  This was his effort to watch a movie rather than practice math after dinner!!  We are constantly cracking up at what comes out of Jabulani’s mouth and are always trying to catch him in his “lies” but so far he’s avoided verbal capture!

I asked Jabulani if he ever got in trouble with his teachers for talking all the time and making up ridiculous stories.  He said that one of his teachers has established “advertisement time” for Jabulani.  Much like watching a TV show where every 15 minutes or so they have a few minutes of advertisement, his teacher says he must sit quietly for about 15 minutes and then it is advertisement time and Jabulani can speak.  We absolutely cracked up at this story and the idea that his teacher has set up “advertisement time” for Jabulani.  Hoping you get to meet this incredibly creative young man some day.  He is truly good natured, loves the Lord, and is a great big brother to many of the younger kids.

Caring for His sheep,

Amy and Jonas

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