Month: July 2012

Funny trip

In the airport headed for africa, being bored, I asked Heather to name five candy bars. Immediately she proudly replied “Twizzlers” 🙂 . Way to go Heather, only five more to go! Heather’s brother, Josh Lytle

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This is Jabulani standing next to Jonas.  Jabulani’s name means “Happy” and it is very fitting for him!  He is always smiling and cracking a joke.  He is a master story teller and he weaves so many stories that I think he’s forgotten the truth sometimes!  You can’t believe anything out of his mouth!  I …

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Tribal Dance

We were entertained at dinner tonight by a group of men dressed in tribal gear who showed up at the local shopping plaza.  Wish I had caught this on video instead of just photos!  Was very cool!!

Weekend math/computer tutoring

We spent this last weekend hosting 5 african youth at our guesthouse for fellowship, computer training and lots of math tutoring.  Jonas focused on computer training while I brushed up on my trigonometry skills!!  We had an amazing time and Jonas built fast friendships with the boys.